Florence + the Machine Gave Me a Reason To Watch Saturday Night Live 11/20/2010

In case you were out and missed it, Florence + the Machine staked some territory on the Saturday Night Live stage last night.  Sandwiched between an awesomely odd and sinister Royal Family skit featuring bad wigs and pretty good accents (fearing for the safety of Kate Middleton already) and “Weekend Update”, as much a visual spectacle as an aural one, a flame-haired Florence Welch accompanied by her Machine did her duty belting out “Dog Days Are Over”.  Yeah it’s probably the 387th time she’s sung it this year but so what, this was her SNL debut bitches, so back off. The beauty of this artist and her music is threefold: vocally and musically she shifts between authoritarian and delicate, she’s artsy avant garde yet so perfectly pop, and you’ll either like her or you won’t. Kind of like Lady GaGa but less annoying. Accompanied by a lush string section and possibly some cousins of Gwen Stefanis Harajuku Girls, Florence gave voice to the good and often lacking thing of an original sound and followed up with “You’ve Got The Love”.

See said flame-hair and musical balls here:

Saturday Night Live’s musical guests rarely move me as they’re, more often than not, the hand-picked and standard bird droppings of a music scene that has little to offer those of us who don’t listen to popular shit radio or consider Rolling Stone a music bible. As performances go, this one was hardly perfect; a flat note here, a shakiness there, but Florence + the Machine is an expressive and gifted creation of melody and balls. I like than in a girl.


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