Best Live Music 2010…The Roxy Theatre

Well it’s official….even though it was a veritable no-brainer…

Yes, ladies and gentleman who love all things live music related, THE ROXY THEATRE, that bastion of rock and roll nestled in the cozy bosom of West Hollywood, has officially been named 2010 Best Live Music Venue by City’s Best.

City’s Best is a program bent on providing a simple guide to the best local entertainment, food, and lifestyle choices. For the almost two months, Los Angeles residents (and anyone anywhere who cared to chime in) got to vote on their favorite businesses in 38 categories and where live music was concerned, The Roxy Theatre earned the love. Nothing surprising because the joint is a musical institution passed down from father (Lou Adler) to son (Nic Adler) and continues to rival all other LA venues with it’s steady stream of  quality and diverse live music acts be they at the national or local level, and bolstered by a  killer sound system.  Hell Dita Von Teese got all burlesquey busy on The Roxy stage last night.  And the staff? Huggable. Professional yet very huggable. Can you imagine where The Sunset Strip would be without them? Yeah, let’s not go there.

Instead, get thee hind parts to The Roxy for some tunes and good times, When you’re done, check out  some of the other 37 City’s Best winner’s:

Yes, there’s even a category for Best Strip Club. Now go.


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