Jane’s Addiction On The Radio

I rang in the New Year with all-star cover band Camp Freddy in West Hollywood, CA but sans two integral members: Dave Navarro and Chris Chaney. That’s because they were busy rocking Jane’s Addiction for New Years in Aspen, CO. Antiquiet conjured up a list of 20 albums that they think/hope/pray/would sell their first born to drop in 2011, that list gingerly titled 20 Albums To Kick Your Ass In 2011. Jane’s Addiction’s next mystery album originally with Duff McKagan on bass, then without is in the works and on that list. Who would fill those low end shoes was out there in the wind. Until now.

Getty Images

Spinner has received confirmation that TV On The Radio‘s Dave Sitek will pull bass and writing duties on the upcoming JA album. Curiously fascinating.

Whether Sitek’s contributions will follow Jane’s Addiction out on the road remains to be seen, but hey, at least we now have a complete roster of players and the album can get out of it’s own way and get made already.

You  can read the whole shebang here at Spinner.


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