Nico Vega Covers Their Ass…uhh, Their Songs

Alright you sexy music lovers, in the meantime and between time awaiting the new music in progress, Nico Vega went back into the studio to dream some of their old songs up all over again. Translation: they’re covering themselves as well as one additional tune.  A Rod Stewart song. Hey, they’re “artists”!

Hot off the digital presses is the brand , spank ass new EP Nico Vega Covers Nico Vega & Rod Stewart.

Dig that crazy art work. Seriously…dig it

The six-song EP’s now on sale for $5.99 and available in multiple digital formats. Get it right here!!!

Track listing:

  1. “Million Years” – Electronica
  2. “Young Turks” – Rod Stewart
  3. “Beast” – Folk Blues
  4. “Gravity” – Acoustic
  5. “So So Fresh” – Outlaw Country
  6. “Wooden Dolls” – Acoustic
  7. Ping Podcast



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