Tour Preparations…The Silent Comedy Style!

Hey all of you bands struggling with the art and science of touring. We know, it’s hard. Mentally and physically it’s a test of even the strongest male specimen of excellence. Long hours, cramped quarters, bad eating habits,…questionable odors.

Anyhoo, with a thought and care for their rock and roll fellow man…and woman, one of San Diego’s finest bands, The Silent Comedy, have been so gracious as to share their secrets of preparing to go on tour.  You have to dig deep if you want to go far in this business, so click play and  feed your mind on the awesomeness of their wisdom:

Tube socks and 1973 gym shorts that barely cover your junk, optional.

Are you strong enough? Are you man enough??? Well The Silent Comedy are and they’re practicing what they preach as they stretch, flex, and beer curl their way to readiness as they embark on a West coast tour with the lovely and talented Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses. The tour begins in Southern California on Feb 4th in Ventura, Feb 5th in Los Angeles, and Feb 6th in San Diego. It will be awesome. Borderline epic, even.

The Silent Comedy

Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses

Learn it. Live it.


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