Black Box Revelation, Queen Caveat, & Viper…The Week That Was

Alright boys and girls, gonna do a brief  recap of some things awesome. I’ll venture into the some things interesting/you gotta be shitting me when I’m less pressed for time…

So music, chocolate, The Golden Girls, and olives are my drugs of choice. I’ve had my weekly standard (un)healthy rations of chocolate, olives, and senior citizen hotties but I’ve been running on a slight musical deficit this week. Damn you, car battery. But Purple Haze is all better now and juiced up for a minimum of three years worth of transporting me to places of musical worship.

Now let’s talk…

Category Awesome: Music & People

1)  My nights at The Viper Room are becoming legendary (at least in my mind), and I had yet another one Tuesday night when I and my cohorts in music, Chelsea Schwartz and Kristen Coveleskie, hit the joint for another rock round with one of our favorite LA bands, Queen Caveat. This foursome, female-fronted  by the feral Lauren Little (that was not intentional, honest), Queen Caveat made something happen that neither Chelsea nor I expected: #1- We pulled a hammy getting our groove on, and #2- The Viper Room was practically in party/mosh-mode when QC threw down their cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name”. Yeah, not kidding. I’m kind of fond of this band as a collective, and as individual humans.  See this video below? Press ‘play’….

Queen Caveat “Oh No” Acoustic

2) If you’ve been to Viper but not down to the Viper’s lounge, make that happen sometime. Within those lounge walls you may very well find anything from acoustic performers to pole dancers, to just a quieter place to drink and chat, but one thing you will ALWAYS find are some rocking bartenders. Before, between, and after the sets upstairs Chelsea, Kristen, and I had some quality chill time with Skye Vaughan pulling duty behind the bar. DJing with his trusty iPod (paging Joseph Holiday), he charmed our little hearts with Frank Sinatra to David Bowie to Elvis Costello to Nat King Cole. Yes, all the head banging tunes that you come to expect to hear at The Viper Room and it was awesome. Possibly the most unique warm up/cool down to a show, ever, and Skye’s got some crooning potential.

3) Belgium came out to play last night…yes they did! Ever heard of The Black Box Revelation? Well, you should. A bluesy, garage rock duo who…well, just call them Belgium’s answer to The Black Keys. A solid sound is a lot for only two to bear but Jan Paternoster and Deis Van Dijck made a hell of a Viper Room debut. Thick on riffs and thudding percussion, they’re young guns but extremely well armed with dark and catchy hooks and occasional stretches in the music where you may think someone’s got Led Zeppelin on the brain. Watch these lads for there’s much potential and room to grow.  PS: Dreis’ Masters of Maple drum kit is so pretty!

The Black Box revelation “I Think I Like You”

4) Yesterday was also our pal Theresa Bickleman’s 24th birthday! So young, so cute, so living up LA. She and Kristen made it to Viper just in time to catch the very first show from the band Zero 1 led by “Queer As Folk”, VH-1, etc., cutie Hal Sparks . Metal head that he is, amid the scream/singing there were some pretty solid rock moments, not the least of which was a fairly entertaining close-the-show cover of “Fat Bottomed Girls”.  As my birthday prezzie to Theresa I finagled a hug for her from Hal and he charmingly (and somewhat sweatily) obliged, bless his heart.

Hal Sparks

5) The Cold War Kids “Mine Is Yours” album is still kicking my ass and I love it when that happens. We all like a lot of music, love even.  But when a body of work becomes a part of your skin,  it’s worth an emotional gold star. Note to self: Must tell band how much this album is meaning to me.

Before I forget, tonight is the first night of four- count ‘em FOUR!- The Silent Comedy shows in…a…row: Ventura, LA, San Diego, and LA. Come Tuesday I may be a mere shell of a concert whore but it’s what I do and I have great love for this band and their facial hair.  The first three shows are their opening spots with Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses, the fourth is Monday, February 7th at The Satellite (Spaceland…whatever) with Red Cortez and you local LA yokels ought to get your asses there. Yes, Red Cortez is a pretty solid band, as well.

So there you are, lovelies.  I leave you with wishes for a safe but excellent weekend in whatever you endeavor. And if you’re somewhere getting its ass kicked by the wicked cold, please be safe and well.



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