Radiohead’s 8-track “King of Limbs” Available…Now

This is Thom Yorke. He likes to dance. Dance somewhat spastically. Maybe it’s an English thing.

Thom is in a band called Radiohead. See Thom dance in their new video for the  track “Lotus Flower” from their new album “King of Limbs”.

which you can download right now for $9 HERE.

Radiohead stated the digital album would be available on Saturday…but I’m sure it’s Saturday somewhere, so we’re not mad at them.

Did I mention that Thom really likes to dance?

Get jiggy with it, yo.


One response to “Radiohead’s 8-track “King of Limbs” Available…Now

  1. You know there was a day when “8-track” had a specific meaning.

    Beautiful song. And you just go on and shake what your momma gave you, Thom.

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