SXSW Highlight/Spotlight: SABROSA PURR

This was the first trip to SXSW for Sabrosa Purr in its latest, prettiest (and hopefully final) incarnation. Hailing from Los Angeles, a band of four, equal parts XX and XY chromosomes, and a band who take me and most all listeners on a head bang/shake your groove thing journey. It’s a feat accompli and they pull it off seamlessly with dark metal, psychedelic chic rock laced with moments of funky electro. I don’t know what kind of taste that word combo leaves in your mouth, but I promise you that it left a \m/ sound in the audience’s ears. Their set at The Roxy’s AustinRox party earned them an encore (a rare SXSW treat) and Antiquiet’s Axis of Audio crowd also felt the sexy rumble of their genre bending/blending ways. 

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“That was f*cking amazing.” That’s what she said. No, seriously, that’s what some gal said after the tremors of the last chord faded and guitarist Jeff Mendel collapsed into a sweaty, spent heap. Mendel’s guitar riffs snarled nasty on tunes like “Fashion Kills”, while Will Love nu-metal shrieked an homage to a lost friend in “…By the Water.” Oh, and the band also wants you to buy “Cocaine” from them. The rhythm section of Angie Mattson and Mahsa Zargaran craftily pedal the drug via their thick and low slung bass/drum work. It was all quite dark and beautiful as Sabrosa Purr made the fantasy art of rock and roll a flesh reality with skill on par with any SXSW headliner.


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