Crash Kings: The Evolution of Guitar…Sans Guitar, Take 2

Once upon a time (2008 to be exact) Rolling Stone magazine published its list of what it deemed the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs. The collective world sat up, scratched itself, and took notice of the once stalwart and venerable publication’s opinion of things musical and rock.

After they finished scratching themselves, three young, talented Los Angeles-based upstarts rolled into one progressive and promising band took it upon themselves to challenge a selection of those great guitar songs. Challenge them to a guitar-less dual to prove that the rock can surely roll even without the standard 6-string axe.

Enter Crash Kings with bass, drums, and a clavinet tricked out with a whammy bar and in your face they and their keyboard flair and lockstep rhythm gave you “Evolution of Guitar Rock- With No Guitars”.   If that piece of genius slipped beneath your radar, get your mind right…right here: “Evolution of Guitar Rock- With No Guitars”

With a sophomore album in the works, Crash Kings have taken yet another go at a slew of guitar-based rock songs just because they can, imprinting their modern mark on the classic sounds. The result: “Evolution of Guitar – With No Guitar II”:

Well done, gentlemen. Now give me that album.


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