Sabrosa Purr Want To Sell You “Cocaine”

As hard drugs go it's pretty dirty, even more so if you've read the recent news about large amounts of it containing flesh
eating bacteria (drug use is as sexy as ever!). But from JJ Cale to Eric Clapton, "Cocaine" has been a rock and roll haunt 
of an auditory tale. Wicked shit, but a hell of a song. LA band of badassery Sabrosa Purr has turned pusher and tackled 
the tale, doing it mighty fine justice, so much so that I suspect Sir Slowhand, himself, would give it a royal wink of approval.

Click and listen to the slickest cover ala "Just say no"...."Cocaine". Feel love for it? Download. Feel even more love for it? 
Name your price. 

Sabrosa Purr will purr and more this Saturday, July 2nd at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles (21+ show). Come forth and rock.

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