Song Spotlight: Saint Motel “My Type”

SM Press Pic 1

Los Angeles quartet, Saint Motel, are weavers of an indie dream pop/rock that is as dashingly pointed, sharp and saucy as it is a mouthful of educated melodies and they do it with an enviable artistic bend. If you’ve yet to see one of their videos or live shows, put those things on your “To Do” list. And look at what snappy dressers they are.

Channeling their collective inner jazz accompanied by the bold blare of a brass section A/J Jackson (vox/guitar), Aaron Sharp (lead guitar), Dak Lerdamornpong (bass) and Greg Erwin (drums) have stepped out with their latest single, “My Type,” a shoulder-shaking dance party which, according to frontman A/J, is rather, well…horny.

“‘My Type’ is an interesting song in the way that it didn’t start out on guitar and move over to horns.  It started with horns and moved toward guitar.  Although it has a lot of instrumentation that’s never been featured in Saint Motel music (notably some Rhodes and Mellophone) it instantly sounded like a Saint Motel song.  We really enjoyed making this song, and playing it live has been amazing!”

“The lyrical background of the song, comes from a few different conversations I had, with a few different ladies. Really digging my tongue firmly into my cheek on this one…”


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