Unlocking The Truth…Straight Outta Brooklyn


“Rock and roll is- and should be- a kid’s place.” ~ Ben Folds

I dare you to define this…these young bloods of anarchy, good manners and one with a nifty bow tie.

Brooklyn, New York. Sons of Flatbush, Malcolm Brickhouse (guitar), Jarad Dawkins (bass) and Alec Atkins (drums) are, Unlocking The Truth: literally and figuratively and you have to assume that they’re aware of the shrewd wordplay. Who are they? They’re grade schoolers (7th grade) seemingly in possession of a fundamental sense: sense of self and certainly of how to throw some Dio devil horns with the determination already made that they want to be one of the best heavy metal bands in the world. Ambitious, much? Carry on. That metallic taste in your mouth isn’t blood because these boys aren’t here to shed any; it’s the tasty sound of a certain freedom that comes from embracing music- in this case, the rock of heavy metal with the likes of Disturbed, Metallica and Slipknot as the creative impetus.

My mind has slightly fragmented at the fact that they’ve practically routed themselves out a tour of their own imagining- taking the notion of “thoughts become things” to baller-level.

But there’s more to consider than simply three youngsters and their desire to play instruments, although that’s as worthy and badass a pursuit as any. The bigger and more soul-serving picture is the clear ambition to express and express outside of the standard confines of what may be expected. That’s the stuff that dynamic thinkers and a generation of precious pacesetters are made of and we need more of them to replace the obsolescent stifling our growth and poisoning the well. It’s bohemian and that’s some of the juiciest meat on the bone to sink one’s teeth into.


Whether or not Malcolm, Jarad and Alec go on to realize musical greatness akin to a Metallica, there is no denying the personal greatness that they have already achieved. People are talking, ears are listening, attitudes are shifting and their collective credo of being true to self and fuck those who object is a righteous statement to epitomize and make.


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