Oh The Joy: The Week In New Music 4/29/13

File under ‘Things that make us happy”: New music! Especially if said new music has been healthily anticipated. Cue the likes of Damon Albarn (Gorillaz & Blur frontman), Brody Dalle (Distillers and Spinnerette frontwoman) and the Pixies. While Mondays are the magic day across the pond, Tuesday is the honored new music day in North America. Either way and either day, here are three bits worth that extra day’s wait.

Brody Dalle- Diploid Love

Diploid LoveCall her Mrs. Josh Homme if you want to (actually she probably doesn’t mind considering that’s exactly who she is) but ever since the Distillers, Brody Dalle has been her own musical force. Then came Spinnerette but now we have Dalle doing it solo. Produced by Dalle and THE Alain Johannes (Eleven, Arctic Monkeys, Them Crooked Vultures), Diploid Love (the title, a biological thing that caught Dalle’s maternal interest) is a postpartum musical production: making music around raising her babies while contemplating the world that she’s raising them in. Dalle’s innate rock sense, guitar play and that voice are what folks have been waiting for. She delivers and even gets a little help from her gal pals, Emily Kokal (Warpaint) and Shirley Manson (Garbage).

The Pixies- Indie Cindy

Pixies- Indie Cindy

Umm…the Pixies have a new album. It’s their first one since 1991.  Any questions?





Damon Albarn- Everyday Robots


The English singer, songwriter, producer stepping out on his own with an effort that is slightly deconstructed but nothing less than you would expect from the composer/visionary. It’s Damon’s world and you’re invited inside: see the track“The Selfish Giant” for further. I’ll just leave it at that and trust that you’ll go there.



Go forth and enjoy, kids.




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