Music Monday = White Sea, The Alarm Science, Bad Suns + more

Music MondayWell hell, it’s Monday…again.

Also sneaking up on us is that thing called Summer and with it, copious amounts of new sounds. Here are a few that I hope you pay particular attention to from here on out as they a) have a new album freshly released, b) are about to have a new album freshly released, c) are simply some quality sh*t or, d) a badass combination of the previous choices. So happy Music Monday to you and here’s to good sounds tripping your trigger. Let’s roll.

The Alarm Science“Palomino”
Los Angeles based Cameron Meshell and Marc Slutsky are the very definition of a dynamic duo and there’s a perfect charm about the tone of “Palomino,” where the urge to dance and rock meet. As a band, they’re still in their infancy-  about one year old- but in musicianship and the quality of sound, they’re too seasoned to ignore. Stay tuned for a full album- hopefully later this year.

White Sea– “Prague”
Momentarily stepping aside from M83 as White Sea, Morgan Kibby’s album, In Cold Blood, was released in May and is a towering, sexy, anguished and angry thing of synth pop, and yet so magnificent. And not very PG-13 which absolutely adds to it’s beauty. Shit got real in her personal life, so she wrote some glorious songs about it.

First Aid Kit “My Silver Lining”
Yes, they are sisters and- yes- they are from Sweden, people. Deal with it. Their album, Stay Gold, is out this week.

A Million Billion Dying Suns“Daydream”
Because you need a reminder of how integral Journey has been to most music lives over the age of 40. While this track comes from AMBDS as part of their full length debut, AMBDS I, due out later in the fall, it’s also being offered as a B-side on a limited edition 7″ “orange crush” vinyl courtesy of Turntable Kitchen. No aping of Steve Perry anywhere to be found, just taking a song and making it your own via heady, fuzzy and stoned out psychedelic guitar sounds.

Bad Suns “Transpose”
The guys of Bad Suns spent a few years musically tooling themselves but it’s the past two years of retooling a new found sound and the current lineup where the musical stars have started to properly align. They’re LA darlings: nice young men on the ascent, sonically youthful and mature. Language & Perspective is the title of their debut album out June 24th on Vagrant Records.

Music makes Mondays manageable.


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