Badass Band 100- Nacosta


This band is one that exceeds the mere concept of genre bending. These guys masterfully mesh folk, rock, and electronic sounds in a way that no band I’ve heard has done. One second you’re hearing something reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, the next second something more like Pink Floyd and then something like a descendant of, say, Be Bop Deluxe. They’re musical ADD in the best way possible. Meet Badass Band 99, Nacosta.

I heard about Nacosta quite a bit before finally getting around to see them, which I now kick myself in the ass for. Oh well, better late than never. As an outsider seeing them live for the first time, you think, “Man, this is like being in a carefully created musical time warp between the 60’s/70’s and something entirely its own.” On top of the array of instrumentals, the harmonies between Marc, Ian and Brandon are unbelievable…

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