5 Albums You May Have Missed: 2014


Being that it’s the closing of the year, a number of lists (by the numbers and by the boatload) will be unleashed upon you making hard lined, definitive statements on the music that 2014 had to offer. These statements will come with glorious verbal flourishes as to why they were the best thing EVER. Have fun with that.

On the flip side is 5 Albums You May Have Missed: more of a tip of my non-existent hat to some quality sounds that may have slipped beneath your radar. This year’s list is a bit of a shape shifter from previous music years. Although there were a number of artists and albums that delivered those pure rock assaults that I’m known to love and prefer (like Royal Blood, The War On Drugs, Jack White, Cymbals Eats Guitars, etc.), somewhere along the way 2014’s musical temperature changed and certain albums with very particular sound design (less abrasive and amplified, more grandiose and emotionally charged) caught the ear and never lost it. Are you ready? Here we go:

Check out my list on HIGH VOLTAGE MAGAZINE.


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