Lincoln Durham (The Canyon Club)

Lincoln Durham 2(p) (Robyn Von Swank)

The Canyon Club | Agoura Hills, CA | March 19, 2016 | Words & Photos by Cortney Armitage |

The Agoura Hills Canyon Club was cleansed of all sin when Texas native, Lincoln Durham, rolled into it. The one man Southern-Gothic Psycho-Blues Revivalist (with a big, beautiful mustache) wore all black and belted out his set which included songs from his new and third album, Revelations of a Mind Unraveling (released 3/25/16), with a cutting layered texture to his voice topped off with a potent and magnificent growl. Changing up guitars – his selection includes a Dobro marked with Iggy Pop and a cigar box with “SINNER” between the frets – he played as if the Devil were daring him to be one, all the while keeping time on a kick drum, sometimes with one hand behind his back. After his set he greeted fans with a smile, a handshake and that same genuine authenticity found in his music. When he takes the stage, Durham lays it all out for you: who he is and what he does. There’s no pretense or pretending, but all you need to do is hear his song “Creeper” to know that Lincoln Durham is the real deal.


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